X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

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digicosmos wrote:

Thank you for this note. I used f11 for this shot is to achieve greater DoF and get everything in focus. Plus, 1/480 is not too slow a shutter speed to get crisp images. I realize it might not be perfect to get the foliage on the left to be perfectly sharp, but it's not bad like 1/80 either. The high ISO and DR settings were selected automatically by the camera to accommodate for the high contrast in the scene. No, I wasn't by no means using the camera at its optimal settings, but more often than not, we use less than perfect settings and get less than perfect results. With other cameras, I never had a problem, but with X100s, I find the subpar OOC performance contradictory to many positive reviews, and that's why I am here asking if there was anything wrong with the camera, or the way I used this camera. It turned out to be both.

I am glad that my post led to so many interesting discussions, which showed the passion people have for this camera. They also made me realize that many things that I was used to about X100, including the outstanding JPG engine and the fantastic AWB, are probably no longer to be found on X100s. It's a new camera to get adjusted to. No, I am not gonna exchange this camera for something else. I'll just experiment more with it. That's the fun of this camera.

Good. Then do yourself a favor. Ignore all posts saying your camera may have this or that problem: it may or may not be true, but cannot be told from that picture which is so bad that we hardly believe it comes out of a 1200€ camera.

Instead, offer your camera and yourself a test under controlled conditions.

For the record, that picture has the wrong subject, wrong color, wrong iso, wrong dof (for a test), wrong focus, wrong aperture, and wrong exposure (it is I believe about 2 stops underexposed which could be the consequence of the DR improvement). It is also subject to subject and photographer's motion blur. Not to sound critical, just to make sure you understand what to avoid, and why (apologies if you do). The things is, all these issues stack up so that the only thing we know is that we do not know and cant. So let's eliminate these variables.

What I would do

- Stick newspaper pages on the wall. Is not green, no dof issue, does not move - no blur. Focus properly. Parallelism to the wall easy to set up/control against vertical/horizontal bordures and lines of the page, specially if you use a tripod (you should).

- 100 iso, f5.6. Use a tripod (or shoot with your camera sitting on a table, if you dont have a tripod). Check exposure with another device (eg another camera), if you can. No DR.

I would probably endup shooting raw+jpeg, bracket exposure, F2 to F11. This way I have a reference for the future and know what compromise i make dof vs IQ (and also, why i never use A mode again, and why the good old user interface of the fuji is not just "vintage", it is a tool for the photographer to control IQ).

Now if caracters of the newspaper page are eg constantly sharp on the right and blur on the left or in a corner, you have your answer; send it back to fuji with the pictures. Beware of field curvature, eventually, just in case. If this is always good acrosse the field, then you know that your picture just had too many technical issues, most likely; just stick with the basics for a while, make sure you understand hyperfocal, why it is interesting, while these tables are mostly wrong by today's standards, what aperture gives you the IQ you expect, when to use and when to avoid DR, etc.

Whatever result i would get i would try to confirm them outside at a different distance. Eg a brick wall in the shade with a tripod is a good start to do this (has the same characteristic of not being green or moving, and has vertical and horizontal lines).

I hope this helps. Good luck and have fun

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