How long can digital bodies last.......even the good ones?

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Richard Veteran Member • Posts: 4,858
I have not had anything break yet.

Rod McD wrote:

So what do you think? How long have your digital cameras kept working? How old is your oldest digital camera that's still working? Have others 'died' on you? And are any marques going to be able to develop/keep their reputation in relation to their camera bodies if their components are no better than anyone else's. (I acknowledge that mechanical lenses may be a different matter).

Food for thought.

Cheers, Rod

I have a 9 year D70 and a 8 year D200, they both still work, the D70 has been abused, crushed in backpack, dropped, and it still works.

On a DSLR, there is a limited life, just like on my old film camera, the shutter only has so many activations, then it quits and time to buy a new camera. But that was the same for the film cameras.

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