How long can digital bodies last.......even the good ones?

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Re: Out of service parts BEFORE the end of retail sales

RedFox88 wrote:

Roger Krueger wrote:

Apparently the case for Canon's non-IS version of the 70-200/2.8.

I doubt this was intentional. I'd bet the lenses still on the shelf were built several years ago.

And a pro workhorse lens like this is going to generate a lot of repairs.

This statement makes no sense. A high end pro lens is not going to be broken a lot. It's built well and won't stop working easily.

A pro lens gets used a lot harder, and treated like a tool, not an expensive toy. In the same way a Lexus doing 1000 miles a week is going to generate more repairs than a Yugo only driven three blocks to church on Sunday.

So this is probably bad forecasting plus a long-dismantled production line.

OTOH my 2004 1dsII has been repaired twice in the last 18 months and still had plenty of parts, including a complete top deck.

Did Canon service laugh at repairing a 9 year old camera?

They laugh at how many times they've seen the poor thing. I shoot punk rock. It's had a hard life.

My 6d has better low light noise and WAY better low light AF. But if I know it's going to be violent I still reach for the 1dsII because it can take a hit better.

And sometimes I still use the 1dsII for daylight sports, even this early the 1-series has less shutter lag. Prefocused it's 40ms vs. 65ms or more for my 7d. (Although you have to enable 40ms through a custom function and it warns that not all lenses may be able to reach all apertures quickly enough).
Yeah the burst rate sucks, but I'm shooting horses over jumps, it's about getting the one shot timed perfectly, not spray-and-pray.

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