Reverting to Lion?

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Re: Yes, it will work!

GeRoche wrote:

Mister Bumbles wrote:

It will work as long as you have made a nice time machine backup FIRST.
Apple has some basic directions on how to revert at the following link.
Apple Tech Support
I wish I had done this before i upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion, because I'd go back to Snow Leopard. It was a far superior OS without all of the little ... issues.

Thanks, I did see this Tech Support page before but I am not sure what exactly they mean by a 'previous version of OS X'.

A previous version could mean an older version of the SAME OS i.e 10.7.4 instead of 10.7.5 or it could mean a DIFFERENT ( preceding) OS i.e. Lion instead of subsequent Mountain Lion.

It doesn't matter. You make a backup (full, ie, clone or TM). Then you install a new OS version. You don't like. You completely erase your disk, install the previous OS and restore all your data from the backup.

Tell me any reason why that should not work?

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