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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

All I know is there are over the counter deals to be had with Intel I7 or 6 or 8 core AMD CPUs along with 1.5T 7200 rpm HDD for under $700... this includes 6 SATA3 6mbs sockets, 10GB+ RAM and +450Watts of power. Spend a little more than $200 more for the best 256GB SSD and install, and for $900 and great simplicity you get:

  • The latest Technology everything (and BTW, that also includes USB3 ports)
  • An SSD big enough for all programs + a place to drop your working files + allocate buffer on the SSD to keep it quick
  • An HDD big enough to warehouse/archive all the photo folders you have already worked hard... when done working them on the SSD, just drag and drop to the HDD... done.
  • For another $100 you can acquire a 1T+ USB3 external drive for auto-backup

So for $1K you will have a system that can keep you for many years to come, as I do not see photo-processing software creating leaps of incremental CPU workload in the near future and I know for certain the AMD FX-6200 or AMD FX-6300, as "inferior" as they are, are powerful enough to make quick work of LR4, GIMP, Photo Ninja, etc... with 24MP files.

I speculate the next hardware bind will emerge when better cameras start using 48MP-96MP sensors, and all these people who filled their SATA connections with 120GB - 256GB SSDs can use those things as coasters for their milk after having to upgrade in size or realize that having a very large HDD for warehousing/archiving reams of old RAW files really starts to make more sense. Of course, at that point, CPUs (no matter I7 or lesser AMD chips) will be neutered. I think we'll have a few years until this trend emerges.

In summary, some of the desktops on the market (from the major brands) have hardware components significantly discounted vs. the retail price you would pay to assemble yourself... the biggest challenge is uninstalling bloat ware at start up.

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