Nikon D600 issues, real or imagined

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Agree, making statistical assumptions from forums is tricky

Alan Brown wrote:

leicaman wrote:

And how does that prove there is no oil problems problem with D40, D60, D90, D300, D700, D800...Canon, Sony, Lumix, Pentax, Olympus ...

Well just look at the DPR forum for the Nikon and the Canon and compare them... as well as other highly trafficked Internet forum. Right here on DPR we have HUNDREDS of complaints by users about the dust and oil on their D600s and complaints about Nikon service inability to fix the problem even after multiple trips for service. On the Canon forum I have found only a few Canon 6D users that have had dirty sensors and very few complaints about Canon service.

hundreds of individual users complaining.

on the contrary I see a few users making hundreds of posts. This not to say that their individual experiences have not been bad for them or made up.. far from it; Everyone has a right to voice their experience.

I agree unhappy users have every right to grumble - but I think one should be very cautious making any statistical assessments from the amount of grumbling in forums.

A couple of numbers to ponder:

- One of the Dpreview staff wrote a interesting thing a couple of years ago (I tried to locate the post, but no luck) where someone was very unhappy with how much work and attention the Dpreview staff seemed to put into the forums. As it turned out, among all the unique visitors to Dpreview, active forum participants (that has actually made a posting) was something like 2-3% of the total. And lets not forget that even if the total number of visitors to Dpreview is very impressive, it is still only a part of all camera owners out there ... We forum people sure make a lot of noise, but I am not at all convinced we are very representative of the camera owning population as a whole.

- Last fall I spoke to one of our local Nikon representatives about the D800, we talked about its general reception, what kind of users seemed to buy it etc. And I could not help asking about the much debated AF issues. He said something interesting. They were very well aware of the debate in forums (like here on Dpreview) on the issue - and as a sidenote, yes, Nikon indeed does monitor forums all around the world. They, and most other manufacturers I have ever spoken to, are keenly interested in the reception their gear get. But, back to the D800 and the AF issue. He said the rate of D800 turned into Nikon for service under warranty was higher then with other models. But it still was a very low number. If I remember correctly it was something 0.5 to 1% for most models, and something like 1 to 1.5% for the D800. So higher, but still a very low number looking at the total sales. The Nikon representative said they found the mismatch between forum outrage and actual service cases a bit puzzling. It seem something like 98% of all D800 owners went on using their cameras without contacting Nikon service during the first year. Not the impression you would get from reading this forum a while ago ...

Things do seem to have quietened down a bit more lately though, don't you think?

Could it be that Canon users are just more docile and don't complain, or they are more manly and just learn to clean their own sensors keeping a stiff upper lip the whole time?

I highly doubt it. The D600 is the Edsel of DSLRs and not because it's not a great camera... which it is... but because Nikon is not a great company.

Wow that's some comparison... Edsel? that's a can of worms. What, of the many, possible aspects of that scenario do you feel that fits the D600?

just curious

Hm, I think leicaman need to brush up on his history ... The Edsel has been popularly described as "the wrong car at the wrong time", meaning it was a model doomed to fail because it did not at all fulfill what customers was looking for. I would argue the D600 is, if anything, almost the opposite of the Edsel - "the right camera, at the right time, at the right price" - but with some initial quality control issues. Bad as that is, it is an entirely different issue. If any Nikon cameras could be compared to the Edsel, it would be the D2 generation of pro cameras ...

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