X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

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Re: X100s ... poor choice of f/stop aperture settings as well as related contrast/saturation

digicosmos wrote:

X100x 23mm (1.52x crop) 1/480s ISO 800 @ f/22=23/22=1.045mm aperture

1/480s is more than sufficient to freeze action of 'blowing tree branches/leaves', but given your ISO is higher than needed, try ISO 400/200/100

= 35mm 1/480s ISO 800 @ f/33.44=35/33.44=1.045mm aperture [FF equivalent]

first of all, your aperture is by far too tiny, f22 is not necessary to get deep DoF effect,

try f/8-f/9 which translates to FF=f/5.6-f8

(at most f/16, which is FF=f/11 and f/11 which is FF=f/7, you can still get good DoF even using focus to 'infinity'

your f/22 (F=f/33+) could easily cause diffraction and lower IQ

agree with others, you jpg in-camera settings are set with contrast too high, thus why the shadows are absurdly black (in daytime, that's 'unreal') and also makes your brights colors blown (oversaturation does the same, so reduce your saturation)

IF you use LOW CONTRAST, saturation will tend to be undersaturated, so you have to choose how much saturation to dial back in.

PLUS, remember, if you start to open up your aperture WIDER openings in a very bright contrasty setting, the contrast will also go up.

the fact that you were using a very small aperture which naturally reduces CONTRAST, yet your image turned out TOO CONTRASTY meaning you must've cranked up your CONTRAST to 'max' (don't do this!!!). even if you didn't do this, it just means your default contrast setting at '0' may be more contrasty than the lit scenario justifies.

cranking up contrast settings work best in distinctly LOW CONTRAST LIT SCENARIOS like overcast/cloudy/indoors/soft lighting.

It was focused at infinity at f/11 everything should be in focus. Look at the trees on the left. I wouldn't say that is sharp... I mean, seriously, my compact does better than this. Is it because I got a bad copy of the camera? So far I hated every shot that came out from this camera...

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