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Re: You miss the point

golf1982 wrote:

fad wrote:

People on dpr always leave out the most important variable in the equation - the people on dpr.

Biological evolution is very slow.

Technological evolution is lighting fast.

But technological evolution brings human evolution as technology gets us to improve our skills, both technical and artistic, and in lockstep.

If I'm still using my D4 and D800 in 10 years, it will be a far better and more sophisticated photographer, so the cameras will take much better pictures, that will be much better conceived, processed, printed and displayed.

When I use my 1Dsiii, I realize that I am much more skilled with it than when I bought it. In this I am part of the crowd.

Until I get used to my D7 or D8, my D4 will be a better camera, because it will be a natural part of me.

LR11 will get much better images out of my D800 raws.

It is not just our current equipment that will be considered obsolete, it will be our current selves.

But this will only be true if we keep shooting, and improving, in the mean time.

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Unfortunately some seem to think that quality of photographs is directly related to the quality of the camera. The truth is give a good photogropher a half decent camera and they should be able to produce great images. many of the best photographs i have seen have been shot with film, and there is nothing any amount of imaging advance would have added to these.

Agreed up to a point,but the camera has to be fit for purpose. Cartier Bresson's Leica would not be so useful in other genres.

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