History & Future of the dSLR

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Re: You miss the point

Did I miss the OP point?

All this techno, gear-geek talk is nice and all, but when it comes to actual photography, that talk goes to the ground.

Photographers with enough skill (provided the end medium supports it) can use a decade old camera without a second thought.

Hand Joe McNally a D1X and a nice plane ticket to some exotic place, and he will come back with Nat Geo quality shots in the bagage.

But why stop in a decade old camera?

What if you hand him some low tech, cave age film camera?  He will come back with the same Nat Geo shots.

That obsession with numbers (DR, MP, DXO scores, ISO 1 million) lives only in DP Review.

Anywhere else photography continues to be like it has always been for the last century.

Too much obsession with technology does not translate into actual photography, it only proves how much of a gear head you are.

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