Jpeg or RAW ( & Why) June 2013

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Re: Straightforward Vagaries

gardenersassistant wrote:

walkaround wrote:

... This is basic stuff.

... I really have no idea what you're saying here.

I think anyone patient enough to be still following this has enough information by now to make up their mind as to whose approach they prefer, both as to presentation and substance, and if not they can always look at our photos to help them decide. I doubt there is anything useful to be gained by you and I discussing these matters any further (not sure that "discussing" is quite the right word, but it will do). So I'm intending to leave it there.

Anybody who argues in general terms about a "JPEG" as if it was some kind of standard entity fails to understand that all in-camera JPG-engines and all RAW processings differ, and clearly has little understanding of what goes into home cooking, blithely exists on "fast food", and is busy assuring you that their particular presently favorite brand of sausage is surely the end-all/be-all of cuisine.

They shop at the grocery store and passively consume their roughage without understanding or concern for what particular animal parts are grinded into their gruel. At best, they blithely sprinkle a tad of spice onto their canned and pre-cooked dinner as a digestive aid in what is a wholly pedestrian act which may sometimes cause them to imagine themselves to be eminent gastronomers.

When I see someone refer to JPEGs as if they represent an image processing standard, without specifying the particular in-camera JPG-engine as well as it's particular user-settings, I yawn.

Only four relevant things are common to a JPEG. Gamma-correction is applied. RGB image-data is truncated to an 8-bit depth. Chroma Sub-sampling is often performed. Quantization data compression is often performed. JPEG is one of many different image-storage formats - and nothing more.

It's pointless for a chef to discuss gastronomy with people who purchase sausage at the piggly-wiggly

DM ...

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