A prediction of the D400.

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Re: A prediction of the D400.

jfriend00 wrote:

I think it's hard for people who don't shoot a lot of action to appreciate that segment of the market and what those photographers need to do their job or be competitive.

There sure is some true in it.

Looking in this direction: As it is, Nikon has created a spot for a fast camera. They have usually things thought through with the slrs and of course there is money to be made – let’s repeat, it's an important group of users and use in a few respects. So that 'created' would suggest a deliberate intent rather than an omission. It’s pretty likely the speed will be addressed either with d7100 successor or in another fx body or with both (perhaps in lesser degree with 7200 then). Or indeed, in a d400 that I see unlikely to come. And generally I think that Nikon will do some nice things in the near future, or will at least try to.

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