History & Future of the dSLR

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Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

Tech plateau

Tech is fast-moving in cameras, even though I feel at this particular juncture in time we have reached a level where the pace has slowed down somewhat. Or that could be just my perspective gained from seeing the last 10 years of pretty rapid development and price-dropping of the digital camera. I'm more satisfied at the level we are at now than ever before. The sort of performance you can buy for relatively little outlay these days means most needs can be met for relatively little cost, including convenient and passable video.

The same thing was said a decade ago. The forum users then said that the Canon 1Ds was the pinnacle of camera technology and that the laws of physics prevented much more of anything at all.

And yet, here we are today. And that once great $8000 marvel of engineering is now in the bargain bin for $400. It still takes great pictures, but compared to what's available it's just not there anymore. And the same will occur in the future, over and over and over again.

Technology doesn't care about my or your ideas about what is possible. It simply marches onward, unstoppable and constant. Change will come and we will buy the newer cameras just as we have before and just as we always will. I don't know what that technology will be, but we will want it.

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