My ongoing SEL35 vs Touit comparison...

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Re: My ongoing SEL35 vs Touit comparison...

rogatsby wrote:

People are talking about the "micro-contrast" and sharpness advantage of the Zeiss, but from these photos, I can't really see that. Am I the only one? If anything, I find the lenses to be very equal, with the Sony outperforming the Zeiss in quite a few shots.

I absolutely agree with you.

I believe people come in with preconceived notions about which lens should be better. They find evidence to support their claims.

I think it would be enlightening to show two sets of pictures from both lenses, without the metadata appearing, and see if people can actually spot which lens is which. This is a form of validation that is needed. Otherwise, it's just one person's opinion about which lens is better.

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