Best time to shoot insects?

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Re: Best time to shoot insects?

DannH wrote:

... i've tried a few sunny days in the morning (about 3 hours after sunrise) but always find it gives horrible glare on the subject and you lose too much detail in the eyes. Is late afternoon light generally better than the mornings?

I wouldn't say so, no.

The dilemma with dragonflies and to a lesser extent damselflies is that they are most active in sunshine but very bright sunshine is too harsh.

The amount of glare actually varies from species to species - some are shinier. Sometimes I use diffuse flash and that works very well, but you need to use it in conjunction with good ambient light so the background doesn't go too dark.

With practice you learn to avoid problems such as the sun reflecting on the wings and burning them out. It's like any photography really - knowing your subject, getting the light right, composing rather than just aiming, and so on. The great thing about digital is it costs nothing to just get out there and make the mistakes, and learn from them.

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