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Re: faster speeds with larger SSDs

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Yea... perhaps having the OS and Programs on one SSD (where mostly read activity is occurring) could make sense for organization purposes. But, I'd just use more than one partition on the same drive instead to accomplish the same thing;

The new Crucial 960GB drive is tempting due to it's very low cost/GB (less than 63 cents/GB since you can buy it for $599.99), and it's probably more than most users need for working data (and you could use cheap spinners for archive and backups)

A separate partition doesn't let you substitute the OS with another drive, or migrate the data to another computer.  It does allow for separate backups, but I view the other as important.

I saw that Crucial 599 bit as well - interesting as it doesn't use TLC like the Samsung 840 non pro.   However, I'm not sure you can actually buy it at that price.   Crucial's own site lists it at that price, but out of stock.  Others listed it as considerably higher prices. But if not true today, it will be soon enough.  For photographers, 1TB probably gets the job done fine.  The video people and the event photographers still need more, but the rest of us would be doing just fine.

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