Jpeg or RAW ( & Why) June 2013

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Re: Straightforward answer to your question

knickerhawk wrote:

First, there is no necessity to export to jpeg from RAW. Most of us who shoot RAW convert to 16-bit working RGB files and then save in PSD or TIFF format...

We could argue this all day, but I doubt that "most people" use TIFFs for everything. And will you see any difference in the end print or screen view? I didn't, so I use jpeg now.

Second, either you are wrong about in-camera JPEG output being capable of rendering detail to the same degree as conversions from RAW OR virtually every camera review DPReview publishes is wrong...

I have read all those same reviews, and I have to chuckle every time I get to the "We were able to recover much more detail using Raw part". One man's "detail" is another man's noise.

I've come to accept "blown highlights" as representing bright conditions/light sources successfully on a 2-dimensional image, and shadows add depth. "Shadow detail" is reportage, not art.

You're rationalizing here.

I don't think so. Adding "DR" to a photo by playing with the sliders never looks right. Whether I do it, or Scott Kelby does it, it looks wrong to me. Obviously you feel differently, ok I have no problem with that.

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