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Re: Straightforward answer to your question

walkaround wrote:

gardenersassistant wrote:

With a camera that does allow adjustment of NR and contrast, is your view that adjusting them appropriately could increase the amount of detail captured in the image to the extent that as much detail was captured as in a RAW version of the image?

Yes, but compared to the jpeg export from a Raw conversion, because there is no such thing as a "Raw version of the image".

First, there is no necessity to export to jpeg from RAW. Most of us who shoot RAW convert to 16-bit working RGB files and then save in PSD or TIFF format to avoid the compression issues and loss of bit depth implicit in converting to jpeg. We only convert to jpeg when forced to for posting to the web, for instance.

Second, either you are wrong about in-camera JPEG output being capable of rendering detail to the same degree as conversions from RAW OR virtually every camera review DPReview publishes is wrong. Pick any review from the past several years and go to the Resolution charts and RAW section of the review and see what DPReview's staff has to say about this. The amount of the advantage varies from camera to camera, but in every review I've ever read here on DPReview RAW processing has the advantage. It's usually also visible in the comparison tool.

You seem to have taken my comments very personally, but all I'm saying is that in most cases, "recovered" shots should not have been taken in the first place - or taken using much different techniques or camera settings. Also, when people use the shadow and highlight sliders, even in moderation, it tends to give the photo an "HDR look" which is a grayness and flatness to the image. This is just my opinion.

The grayness/flatness occurs when at least one of the channels is clipped. The real point, however, is that the jpeg version will always have channel clipping sooner than the processed RAW version, so to the extent there's a problem with a processed RAW version, there's going to be an even greater problem with the in-camera JPEG version.

I've come to accept "blown highlights" as representing bright conditions/light sources successfully on a 2-dimensional image, and shadows add depth. "Shadow detail" is reportage, not art.

You're rationalizing here.

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