Nikon D600 issues, real or imagined

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Re: Learn facts before you start yelling so much

leicaman wrote:

And how does that prove there is no oil problems problem with D40, D60, D90, D300, D700, D800...Canon, Sony, Lumix, Pentax, Olympus ...

Well just look at the DPR forum for the Nikon and the Canon and compare them... as well as other highly trafficked Internet forum. Right here on DPR we have HUNDREDS of complaints by users about the dust and oil on their D600s and complaints about Nikon service inability to fix the problem even after multiple trips for service. On the Canon forum I have found only a few Canon 6D users that have had dirty sensors and very few complaints about Canon service.

The D600 has indeed been troubled, what I was contending was the other guys statement that oil spots never ever happened to any other camera and that it was a problem isolated to Nikon. It does happen sometimes with all cameras, while some models seem (at least initially) to have more severe problems with it, like the D600 and the Pentax K-5.

Could it be that Canon users are just more docile and don't complain, or they are more manly and just learn to clean their own sensors keeping a stiff upper lip the whole time?

Looking at camera issues in general and the manufacturers response to them ... Do you remember the Canon forums back in the heydays of the AF issues of the Eos 1D Mark III? There was nothing docile about that reaction. I would argue the D600 discussions has been rather subdued in comparison

There are similar storms in almost any forum from time to time. Some storms are about temporary issues that are most often fixed, some storms are over real or perceived design flaws (Some random examples of either category: Nex forum and overheating, Sony A forum and EVF, Pentax forum and oil spots, Canon forums and DR, M43 forum and DOF control etc, etc).

I highly doubt it. The D600 is the Edsel of DSLRs and not because it's not a great camera... which it is... but because Nikon is not a great company.

It had a problem initially, Nikon was (as usual with camera manufacturers) sluggish to acknowledge the problem, and then (as usual with camera manufacturers) bad at communicating what they were doing about it. Now it seem to be fixed and D600 is the great camera it has the potential to be.

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