How long can digital bodies last.......even the good ones?

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Back in the day...

...when I used to do a bit of electronics design\repair it was law that manufacturers of consumer appliances stock a complete set of replacement parts and assemblies for every product for no less than 10 years after the sale of the final unit in a line.  This all changed with the advent of computers.  Somehow someone swept that law under the carpet or rescinded it in some back room deal.  As far as I know it still stands but it would be interesting if anyone ever tried to exercise that particular consumer right.

Cameras have done better for me than most other stuff but it is still an area rife with the principles of in built redundancy.  Up until now redundancy has been a pretty simple phenomenon of style and features evolution.  Getting the latest model was a good idea to improve what we were producing image wise but as practical limits are reached the only thing they (camera companies) will be able to do to keep nose bleed profits going will be to have our costly little toy virtually blow up after a couple of years of use.

I myself am almost past the point of getting the better top end gear but more often look for cheaper stuff that will "do the job" to make the better stuff in my gear cupboard last as long as I can get it to.

Honest quality could be a thing of the past.  Just glad I still have my old Nikon film kit for emergencies, and of course the feel of a well built machine occasionally.

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..oh, and I see by the lack of responses that I am right yet again.

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