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Re: Windows 7 Pro loads extremely fast off SSD drive with OS....

Adrian Van wrote:

Just bought Dell XPS8500 and asked for win 7 pro instead of win 8 pro and sales allowed this if you ask by phone and get manager (Dell wants your business). I have 256 SSD for OS and i7 with 1GB Radeon card ad 16 ram memory. Win 7 from cold start opens to user password in 30 seconds flat. After password the final screen is completed in 15 seconds. I timed it.

Windows 7 Pro does not keep me waiting at all. Nearly the speed of starting my 7 inch tabloid with Android 4.

All my IT friends recommend Win 7 Pro, most corporate businesses either use it, or WinXP if they still have not changed and Microsoft will support Win 7 for another 10 years I am told.

Except for consumers who prefer touchscreen and like Metro, I would not recommend Win 8.
Adding a third party software like Start 8 or Retro is not the solution (although works for some).

Sorry, love PC and win 7 pro. Not win 8 after trying it in stores. Microsoft is pushing win 8 because of its Apps store on Metro page and license OS fees to software suppliers, is what I hear from others. Am I wrong on this?

Really love Win 7 Pro after using for 2 months. Should have upgraded from Win XP long ago.

This is what confuses me about post like this.  After no actual experience with Windows 8 (at least, non that you've stated) you are quite ready to make not only a judgement about it, but a recommendation to others.

It's like me recommending that you avoid a particular movie despite only having seen the trailers and having no idea what sort of movies you like.

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