Selling nex 7 for rx1?

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Re: Selling nex 7 for rx1?

ok besides the topic that an rx1 is or could be better then a nex 7:

I would not consider keeping nex system in order to move to the eventually upcoming nex FF camera. Do you really think you can just take your e-mount lenses and use with good results on a FF sensor? If a Nex FF comes up with an E-mount, it not only means you can't use your e-mount lenses with acceptable performance, it also means you would not even be able to use your FF A-mount lenses. So meaning you will need to buy all new lenses again, if they are available. Besides using A-mount lenses would bring you in a whole other story in terms of portability.

So I think the only reasons NOT to buy the rx1 are:

- stupid focus peaking implementation and annoyingly slow manual focus-by-wire

- eventually upcoming rx successor with better specs

- last but not least : MONEY

Reason to buy it:

- leaf shutter

- more compact

- grown up menues

- high ISO results

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