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Re: nikon 50 mm

Yes. While all 50's are pretty sharp lenses as a general rule, the new 50/1.8G is better at those first apertures (F/1.8 - F/2.8) (sharper with less veiling flare) and more importantly, it's a design done in the digital era so it doesn't have the known white-hot-spot reflection of aperture blades in sensor artifact problem that the 50/1.4 AFD, 50/1.8 AFD, and 85/1.8 AFD all have, which can occur in bright scenarios at apertures from F/11 onwards. Personally, the latter problem is enough of a reason - easily - to prefer the 1.8G, but given the 1.8G is simply a better lens, it's a no brainer. I've owned all 4 of the AF 50's and the one I ended up keeping was the 1.8G. A steal for 200 or so bucks.


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