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Re: New NEX owner - Sony NEX-F3

Thank you all for the tips and advice!

This weekend I'm going to go out and about to get some good practice with shooting just about everything I can think of. This may seem silly but one of the main reasons I really wanted a more advanced camera like this is the long exposure ability. I want to take those cool long-exposure shots of like traffic at night, and also maybe try to get some star-trails.

Anybody have any advice for doing long exposure shooting? Like, what's a good aperture and ISO setting for something like night-time traffic with a 5-10 second exposure? And would I change those settings for a longer BULB mode exposure for star-trails?

Does anybody also use their NEX for video as well? Next week I'm going to a comic convention, and I want to get some good video of cosplayers. Tomorrow I'm going to practice with my friend to do some sweeps and panning around him to see if I can keep him in focus but have the background defocused. I'm thinking of keeping the spot focus mode on for this.

I'll post some shots that I took to see what you all think.

Thanks again!

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