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Re: Tamron 28-300mm

jeffcpix wrote:

Before you start making backfocus adjustments, you should make sure that it's the lens and not your technique. I'm always amazed at how sharp a lens can be when using flash and a subject whose fine detail is well within the resolution capabilities of the lens. Flash exposure will give you better sharpness than any attempt at handholding -- and don't forget that SteadyShot helps but isn't a cure for the 'shakes' (remember to turn it off when on a tripod). Also, I generally shoot at f8-f11.

My concern with adjusting zooms is that you only get one correction -- and you may find that correcting for 300 might seriously impact the sharpness at shorter focal lengths. It is, after all, a super-zoom -- we make compromises for convenience.

Thanks for your thoughts.
I think before I do anything, what I'll do is wait for a sunny day, then shoot some shots with the Tamron at 300mm and some with my Minolta 100-300mm APO or Minolta 100- 400 APO at 300mm, and compare the resulta. I figure the Tamrom wouldn't be quite as good, but it shouldn't be that much worse either.

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