RX1 vs. Canon 5D iii

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Re: RX1 vs. Canon 5D iii

let me try to indirectly answer your question in a different way:

what would *i* like to change about my RX1?

-performance is not fast enough for candid and street shooting.  which is a combination of factors:

1)turning on actual camera (saving juice or auto-off) vs lower power mode of DSLR on standby

2)waiting for EVF to activate, and/or simply "calibrating" eyesight with the smaller EVF and/or EVF lag (vs larger, brighter, clearer DSLR TTL).   [note a fuji style OVF would help solve this]

3)the AF lag itself.  which is not a problem per se but it is a hindrance specifically in this situation

-manual focus, although the best implementation of focus-by-wire yet...is nothing compared to actual mechanical focusing.  a much bigger deal when doing videos

-focal length.  yes i shoot wide most of the time.  yes it has large and razor sharp files for cropping.  but more than that, true focal length control affects composition (e.g. zoom compression, DOF, etc).... so cropping itself only solves 50% of the problem

those are my 3 gripes about the camera.  as a casual outdoor shooter and frequent traveler i refuse to carry a huge, heavy, DSLR body that screams "LOOK AT ME IVE BOUGHT A PROFESSIONAL LOOKING CAMERA".  so for me the trade offs are acceptable.  perhaps not for yourself

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