RX1 vs. Canon 5D iii

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Re: As the father of two grown kids......

sean lancaster wrote:

EduPortas wrote:

Another strong factor you have to consider is viewfinder you'll be shooting through

with each camera. 5D iii has and optical one; with the RX-1 you are stuck with

the electronic screen on the back and even if you buy the accessory viewfinder ($$$)

it will still only be an electronic one.

The RX1 also has an optional optical VF, fwiw.

Having used both systems, I heartly recommend you stick to an optical viewfinder

if you are shooting things that move fast.

Why not consider the 6D? Just a thought...

That's my thinking as well. My concern is the OP is already leaving the DSLR behind here and there. So, the RX100 (or update) might be the most appropriate. Hmmm.

I have considered the 6D but what's holding me back from getting the 6D is I don't want to regret my purchase. The 6D is basically a full frame version of the 60D give or take. Right now, it's about $1k less than a 5D iii. I'm not one to buy something and then trade it in when the new model comes out. I will generally keep it for a while so having said that I don't want to get the 6D and find myself saying, I wish I had 61 focus points, or I wish I should have just gotten the 5D iii. Yes, the 5D iii is more expensive but it's not like it's a huge jump to the 1Dx. That's why I did consider the 6D but removed it from my list.

What I have done though listening to some feedback is I am putting into the picture (pun intended) the scneario that I get the 5D iii with 24-70 ii and get the RX100 or RX100 ii. Seeing that the RX100 ii is about to be released, the RX100 should reduce in price and that may serve as an updated go everywhere camera. It's still nowhere near the picture quality of the RX1 but it appears to be better than the S95 from all of the reviews that I've read.

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