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Re: Agreed! Niche camera!

Shotcents wrote:

Ray Sachs wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

It's a very limited camera, which is why most of us consider it a niche product.

I don't think anyone is arguing its not a niche product. I'm one of its biggest fans and I absolutely consider it a niche product. I just don't think that makes it a failed camera or worthy of an "F". Maybe we should agree on that point and agree to disagree on whether being a niche product is necessarily a negative....


We agree!


"Niche" camera is, indeed, how I see the Nikon A. If I am out and about with an APS-C Canon DSLR, the Nikon A is a wide-normal prime lens I can quickly pull from a pocket or pouch, with no need to actually exchange lenses on the camera. I do not own a Canon prime lens in the 18mm range, anyway, and the Nikon A is certainly a more compact item than my EF-S 10-22mm lens. Especially if photographing wildlife or birds, with a long lens and tripod, I want to keep the long-range ensemble assembled, ready for a distant subject to appear, or do something interesting.

If out and about with a Nikon film SLR, with one of my favored 50mm or 180mm Nikkor lenses mounted, (or a full-frame Canon 5D,) and I see an opportunity for a wide-normal shot, the Nikon A is a 28mm lens I need not bother to be carrying, and once again, this is a case if not needing to actually exchange lenses on the SLR, itself. I do not own a 28mm Nikkor SLR prime lens, nor its Canon counterpart.

Some of the time, I only want a small camera with me. In some environments, the wide-normal 28mm field of view is quite suitable. This is another niche, the one Ray Sachs has mentioned.

This is three niches the Nikon A fills, for me.

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