What are you using for macro photography?

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Re: macro photography? Nikon 200, Sony NEX, Wild Photomakroskop, Takumar 100

Insects and flowers In the field:  Nikon D800, nikon 200/4 AF-D Micro, Sigma 150/2.8 Macro

Also experimenting with NEX6 with old SuperTakumar 100/4 SMC macro  with Novoflex rotating collar on the lens adapter

In the field for butterflies - d800 or D3  with 70-200 /4 Nikon AFS sometimes on tubes sometimes with 1.4x.  New setup this year - looks very promising

In the field for higher magnifications : Zeiss Luminar 63mm and 40mm on tubes.  The NEX is nice as it has focus peaking and electronic first curtain shutter settings for minimal vibration

rotating tripod collar on all field setups  - makes a huge difference for me.   Add Nikon PN11 where needed to get this capability with some lenses

in the lab for higher magnification I use a Nex7 mounted on an old Wild M400 photomakroskop with 1:6 APO zoom that gets up to about 50x.   Lighting with fiber optic/halogen sources for brightfield, darkfield, incident, and incident ringlight

Macro is my thing......

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