Ditch FF?

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Ditch FF?

I have a Nikon D600 and two lenses, 24-120 f4 and 70-300 VR.  In early February I bought an OM-D and have bought several lenses:

12-50 Oly, 14-150 Oly, 14 Pana, 20 Pana, 45 Oly (offer when I got the  camera).

I have taken around 800 photos on the OM-D, in the same period around 300 on the D600.  In terms of quality I find them similar - the OM-D has distinct advantages with the IBIS (I have had good results at 1/4 second), and the sharp prime lenses.  The Nikon has about 1 stop ISO advantage (maybe more, but I don't go above 3200).  I won't invest any more in the Nikon system - I find it heavy and cumbersome.  Last weekend I used both cameras to photograph a brass band contest where I live in Yorkshire.  I expected the Nikon to win hands down - it didn't.  I was shooting at 1600 ISO on the OM-D, 3200 ISO on the D600.  Both gave over 95% success rate and - overall - the images were roughly equal in terms of IQ.  At the time I wasn't helped by shooting with two different systems.

I am a club level amateur and take a wide variety of subjects - landscape, street, candid, events, family, travel.

If I pick up a camera it is the OM-D - every time.  I have to force myself to take the Nikon.

In August I go on holiday to Slovenia, Bosnia and Croatia.  I don't want to take the Nikon - size, weight etc, but I do want a back up camera - with a sensor as good as the OM-D.

I'm increasingly considering selling the D600 - and putting the money towards another OM-D body (I really like having an EVF and think the OM-D's is brilliant) and maybe a 75-300mm Oly MkII.

I know we have regular 4/3 vs FF on this Forum - but I'm not talking absolutes - it is what do I feel happy with, bang for the buck (and shoulder ache etc) - and I enjoy using the OM-D much more than the D600 (even though I acknowledge it is a very good camera).

Has anyone done what I am considering and - if so - what were your feelings 2-3 months down the road?  (my wife thinks that in 3 months I'd buy another FF - but I'm not so sure).

Apologies if this has been a brain/emotion dump!

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Best regards
Vince C

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