Highest recommended ISO using the D800

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Re: Highest recommended ISO using the D800 = 1600

Jack Hogan wrote:

ormdig wrote:

Hi Pete,

You are better off limiting ISO to 1600 if you don't mind determining pleasing brightness later in your well behaved raw converter. Information recorded and IQ would be identical to a capture taken with the same Exposure at higher ISOs, but you would have the benefit of more highlight headroom - which you may or may not need depending on scene/artistic objectives.

If your raw converter is well behaved (most are with brightness corrections of less than 3 stops) then contrast and balance will be exactly the same as if you had shot at the same exposure but with a higher ISO setting.


Thanks Jack, I will give this a try for sure, it might save me a little PP time as I sometimes shoot 500-800 images in low lit gyms or night time track events. I have noticed my raw converter can push exposure a lot without residual problems. I'll be in a dimly lit building today so will shoot both low and high ISOs and see what it can do with them. This is great to know!

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