History & Future of the dSLR

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historical content

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

That as camera users, our output is becoming obsolete. If you have been in photography for a decade or more, then you know this is true. Sure you can dredge up some stunning pictures; but how often do you actually really look at them or use them now, for anything????

Always; I like to see what people and places looked like back then. I can use them for screen viewing (very common) or printing if I want (I can do up to A4 size well with a 4MP sensor).

Tech plateau

Tech is fast-moving in cameras, even though I feel at this particular juncture in time we have reached a level where the pace has slowed down somewhat. Or that could be just my perspective gained from seeing the last 10 years of pretty rapid development and price-dropping of the digital camera. I'm more satisfied at the level we are at now than ever before. The sort of performance you can buy for relatively little outlay these days means most needs can be met for relatively little cost, including convenient and passable video.

Don't spend too much

There is an argument that you shouldn't spend too much on a camera since it will become close-to-worthless in a few short years, and I think that was partially what you were getting at.

I agree, in a sense. As always, buy what you can actually need or want at the time and I think it's unwise to think that the thing will be top-class in 10 years (or retain monetary value). Same thing with computers too.

It's all about the content

But I think that takes nothing away from the content created on such a device. I am glad that the moment was captured. Even if I were using film or a Polaroid, I'd be glad the moment was captured and I'd want to access it.

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