Tried the EOS-M, it's no OMD killer but......

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Tried the EOS-M, it's no OMD killer but......

Before anyone gets hyper-excited I know this is the m4/3's forum but as a long time m4/3's user I thought some people might be interested in an opinion from an m4/3's users perspective on this camera.

Firstly, I was one of the first to slate this camera, I definitely didn't "get it" and what Canon were trying to do, so I hold my hands up on that one - it's a fair cop guv, guilty as charged.
Now I've tried one I have to say it's a lot better than many think, it's actually a very nice little camera. Ok, I know the autofocus isn't the quickest, although again it's not that bad in practical use, think 20mm F1.7 speed when using the 22mm F2 pancake. There is a firmware update due which promises increased AF speed so this will be less of an issue soon. Anyway, I digress, back to the soap bar. It's very nicely built, has a nice solid heft and feel to it and the flash that comes with it is also a nice little unit, very easy to mount and output seems very reliable. The touchscreen LCD is lovely on this camera and makes a real difference, one of the best I've used for sure. Even though there is a lack of buttons this camera is very easy to operate, much more user friendly than the NEX 5N I had. Image quality seems very good too, as good as any of the APS-C Canons and I'd say it's very similar to the OMD. The 22mm F2 pancake is a super little lens, very sharp at F2 and very nicely made, nothing at all to complain about here, as good as any m4/3's pancake I've tried, including the 20mm F1.7.
I tried the EF adaptor and my Canon lenses focus accurately and reasonably quickly on the M, better than 4/3's lenses do on m4/3s for sure, certainly usable unless you're shooting fast movement. This is a big bonus to many Canon shooters, myself included, and EF primes lenses don't look out of place on the M, especially if you remove the tripod collar off the adaptor. The strap for the camera is also very nice and well designed, it has a nice quick release catch at each end, nice touch.

Will the EOS-M system compete with m4/3s? well the first model won't be for everyone but I actually really liked it, you have to try one to get it I think. Canon have a long way to go but I wouldn't underestimate them on this, the M got panned in many reviews but IMHO it's a lot better than it's given credit for and the price now makes it very competitive. Even without an evf (which I generally don't favour) it's easy to use as the LCD is so nice and the touch screen very easy to use.
Will Canon persevere with it? I hope so, they just need to make it more price competitive at the start and the competition will only force prices down in the long run.

Ultimately, using one is a bit like going to a function that you're really not looking forward to and then afterwards, on reflection, begrudgingly admitting you had a great time.

Wait a mo....just slipping on my flame retardant suit.....

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