Replacement Motherboard Defective, What Can I Do?

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Re: Replacement Motherboard Defective, What Can I Do?

Glenn Haley wrote:

Sorry about the no Text above, I hit the Return key by accident DPR does not allow editing.

Now my problem.

My ASRock X58 Extreme motherboard recently developed a startup problem. Cold startups took a very long time but hot startups were normal. I contacted ASRock and got an RMA for repairs and sent them my board. A few days later they said my board was out of warranty but I could get a replacement board for $50.00. I mailed them a check and another few days received a replacement board (not new) which had a 3 month warranty. After installing the board I found it was defective. It would start and run okay but would not restart. I would have to turn off the power and wait several minutes before it would start. This is the third ASRock X58 Extreme motherboard I've had that developed startup problems.

I have tried to 3 times contact ASRock support about an exchange or refund but they do not return my emails. I'm not an expert on fraud but I sure feel defrauded.

What do you suggest I do next?

Cold startups are long, and warn startups are normal.  Doesn't sound like a motherboard issue.  Motherboard issues would have the computer crashing.  It could be the software or drivers that are causing the long boots.  Maybe even malware.

Did this start after you made any specific changes to the computer or installed new software.

When you tried the new motherboards, did you re-install all the software or use the existing boot disk?

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