History & Future of the dSLR

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Re: History & Future of the dSLR

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

If you have been in photography for a decade or more, then you know this is true. Sure you can dredge up some stunning pictures; but how often do you actually really look at them or use them now, for anything????

I'm beginning to believe that photography is less about the actual photograph and more about the equipment than ever before

I have to disagree. Photos which have real value, which really make me think or smile or imagine, those photos get looked at over the long term. Maybe not constantly, but like the items in my curio cabinet, they have value to me and I am glad that I have them.

I have seen zillions of "stunning" photos - i.e. flowers, sunsets, ducks - but they basically clinical. They say only "This - is - a - flower, this - is - a - sunset, this - is - a - duck." Beautiful as they may be, one can be replaced by another, or by a million others, because there is no soul nor emotional connection. I see such photos posted in all forums and 99 times out of 100 I just glance and say 'very pretty' and in two seconds the photo is forgotten forever by me. On the other hand there are photos I saw years ago which I still recall, and some of them I even saved to my computer (in a folder marked 'other peoples' online photos') because I enjoy looking at them and don't want them to just disappear.

There is so much more satisfaction in taking photos that are worth looking at over and over as years go by. If photography is becoming more about the equipment than the photograph, that is a failing of the person behind the viewfinder; possibly a lack of imagination, or the need to have one's artistic side get some fresh inspiration.

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