X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

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You didn't need DR400 or ISO800, but you did need RAW

digicosmos wrote:

Thank you for your comment here.  Actually I was using auto ISO and DR and I guess the camera picked ISO800 and DR400% for me.  Maybe that's because it was a bright day and the camera thought it should increase dynamic range to its maximum.

Auto DR is a bad option.

When you know what DR400 or DR200 does, you will just choose it when you need it.

The scene you shot did not need DR above 100, since there were no bright highlights that would have taken exposure above 255. That is all DR on Fujis (and many/most other cameras) is designed to do: preserve highlights which would otherwise expose above 255 and lose their details.

You can see that when you look at RAW images with bright highlights above 255.  You will have to reduce exposure in the RAW processing software by up to 2EV to bring those highlights down out of over-exposure and into view.

One thing I notice about this camera is that when the DR is boosted to 400% the contrast suffers.

That's natural, because you are starting out with an image that has at least (usually) 2EV of highlights above 255.  Once you bring those highlights back down you are essentially putting 14EV of image data into 12EV of image space (or whatever the figures really are, but that is close enough).

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