A prediction of the D400.

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Re: A prediction of the D400.

jfriend00 wrote:

To add a little to Kerry's response, I think what we're expecting (though this is all just speculation) is that a D400 would be a very similar sensor to a D7100. So, if one is just interested in sensor performance (e.g. for macro, landscapes, portraits, etc...), then the D400 probably won't offer a lot (or perhaps any) additional performance for those types of photography over the D7100. Where the D400 would really make a difference is for action photography with a larger buffer, faster fps, more powerful AF, shorter mirror blackout time, etc....

So, if you don't really use the "action" capabilities of your cameras much, then you don't necessarily have to wait for a D400 - you could probably get just as good an IQ for non-action with the D7100. That's somewhat similar to the D90 vs. D300 comparison. They are basically the same sensor. The D90 scores slightly higher in noise performance (like a few percent better), but they are pretty much the same IQ for subjects that don't move. Where the D300 excels is in either subjects in motion (e.g. action) or if you want the larger build of the D300. The same is likely going to be true when comparing the D400 vs. D7100 though obviously this is all guesses since there is no D400 announcement yet, but it does seem like there would be little reason for a D400 if it wasn't good at action and it seems unlikely that Nikon makes a big advance in DX sensor tech for a product later this year.


And we know that when your perspective is strictly about the body capabilities, which mostly means some extreme performances, and has become a chief factor for deciding, your space to manoeuvre between the choices is naturally limited. I think people should read each other’s posts extra carefully and be also careful what exactly they write in these discussions. Very often, and I am not referring to this discussion specifically, general views about the situation developing around D300/s are understood as denying the individual requirements as valid and the discussion slips in this direction at a slightest opportunity. Yet this is happening far less than someone wanting something so badly, if not desperately, is mistaking general observations and views for questioning his/her personal requirements as valid, reading with these glasses and consequently responding. No matter what is more often, though, neither should be happening and that is up to everyone involved and despite the fact he may be provoked. Nothing is more tiring on this forum than the type of discussion where both sides are misusing precarious and sensitive position of this topic whether being downright mean or malevolent irritated by someone‚Äôs position or him defending it, not sharing his view or moves


expecting or even creating some of this atmosphere despite that not happening, overreacting (when you want something badly you tend to be) and reproaching others for not existent intentions. I noticed this to be a common mill-turning typical of these discussions whenever there is exchange of views which involves more than one unified view.

Another crux for these discussions is the hypothetical nature of majority of the content, the guess level on which all stands, which I appreciate you mention. It is often forgotten as is also the only relative importance of such views and the relativity of impact on real things to be realized along with it.

So where were we. I am sceptical about the d400 appearance. I gave my reasons that lead me to this scepticism. I somewhat had to described my view of needs of those who really wish this exact camera exists. I acknowledged it many times before but can do it gladly again. To those who need an upgrade in respects th e camera is lacking, whatever the use of their camera is, is imo reasonable recommending to adjust if the upgrade is not perfectly ideal or substitute with an extra skill applied, weighing pluses and minuses in their decision. That is not to say, that D300/s/d90 don’t have a very good IQ for many uses. This is what I thought years back – they will be good long time because they simply are good now (at that time) and photography is about technology only up to a certain point, and less and less beyond it. So that also isn’t to say that if one isn’t upgrading, there is something odd about it. But this is not something I say for the first time. Though just a few active people from that (great) era are active now.

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