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Re: Modular Camera Bag/Pouch

averacpa wrote:

As a recent convert to M4/3, I am very happy about the lighter and smaller load. However that brings me to a new issue. I am able to carry all of my equipment in a Lowe Pro Nova 4 AW bag. This consist of:

  1. Panasonic GX1 on a RRS plate with a 20 f1.7 lens mounted
  2. Pan 45-150 lens
  3. Pan 100-300
  4. Oly 9-18
  5. Oly 45
  6. Pan LX5 backup camera
  7. Filters: ND 3 & 10 stop, 2 Coklin Grad filters and 77mm adapter, 72mm polarizing filter, several step up rings, 2 52mm close up filters
  8. spare batteries, SD cards, cleaning cloth
  9. Remote shutter

Now that is a bit of stuff and the problem is given the small size, you run a high risk of dropping lens or filters as you pull things out of the bag. I feel like my wife rummaging through her bag just to find her keys. There is a lot of small stuff in there.

What I am planning to try is to use several (1-2) small pouches that mount onto my pant belt, particularly for use with the telephoto lens in addition to a smaller bag like the Domke F-5XB. The pouches I am looking at are the Lowe Pro Dash Point 20 and the Domke F-903. This will minimize the chance of an accidental drop in equipment and allow me for a quicker lens switch.

Any thoughts?

Get the right bag. In my case, I opted for a Billingham 307 with correctly sizes inserts. The reason it is correct for your situation is that the bag remains upright and it's opening is wide. Any drops occur inside the bag. I also obtained extra pads that serve as a platform to perform changes, rather than do the performance like a high-wire act without benefit of a net.

Lens changing platform in the bag quickly setup and broken down

All gear fully accessible; extra lens silos to help facilitate handling and offer a handy drop-in of sorts for various small items. Height of bag can handle fully gripped camera with long lens and hood in extended position.

Another benefit of this over the Lowepro is how it carries with full load. There is a suspension that is secure. The list goes on and on. The bag comes in three sizes, the difference being it's length in each case. This schematic explains.

You lose silos with each reduction in length. All other dimensions are duplicate, save for width of front pockets.

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