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Re: DON"T BUY THE 24-70 !

DFPanno wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

DFPanno wrote:

In my opinion the 24-70 is an overrated lens .. Way over-rated. Get the 24-105 kit and keep the difference or spend it on a RX100! (or get a 40mm STM)

24-70 is an expensive lens and it is arguable that it is a bit too expensive. But "overrated" implies it is not as good as it is perceived to be. Can you produce evidence to that effect?

I think you should re-read the preface to my statement: "In my opinion". That third word is critically important. In the context of my opinion it is overated. Other people will have different opinions and that is OK too. See how that works?

"Opinion" is merely an individual's perception of facts, it still has to be sustainable with evidence.

For example it is in my opinion that Titanic is a bad film - what I am saying is that I perceive Titanic to be a bad film. i do not have to convince you that it is objectively a bad film but I have to be able to explain why I think it is.

See how that works?

As for "overrated", like I said, the use of this word implies it is objectively not as good as it is perceived to be, can you explain to us why is it not as good as it is perceived to be?

I am not as interested in test scores as other people. I have an excellent pair of (trained) eyes and I judge images on two of the finest monitors available. (I don't print so I can't comment there).

So what you are really saying is that you subjectively cannot tell that it is as good as reviews rated it. That does not make it "overrated", because its deficiency here is not objective, but subjective.

See how that works?

I bought and then returned the 24-70 II. IQ was only slighter better than my 24-105 and then only at the corners. Slightly less distortion at 24mm. Slightly better contrast.

24-70II is a true F2.8 lens at T3.0, while 24-105 is somewhat like a F4.5 lens with T5.1, that is a massive difference. Most sample image, test image, and reviews also show a clear IQ difference between the two.

I am extremely familar with the optical characteristics of both lenses but thanks for the refresh.

I did not write the above for the benefit of those who already knew but for the benefit of those who did not know them. I would have thought it was obvious.

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