7D died

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Re: 7D died

Sorry to hear that your 7D is ill possibly terminally. I had one for a few years and loved the ergonomics. Waited for successor to Sony A700 in hope next upgrade would have articulated screen.

Got fed up waiting and went for A700. I was surprised at how much better it was compared to the 7D. Ergonomics actually better. Speed of response hugely better. Could take birds in flight at last as it focused so much faster than 7D.  So I think second hand A700 could be an option for you. They are more reliable than the 7D.

If you can afford it go for the Sony A77 a quantum leap from the A700 let alone the 7D. You can save money by buying new or s/h kit with the SAL1650 lens and then sell the lens on ebay. I did this and reduced the price of a new A77 by £100.

Whichever route you go for you will be happy. However, I would be warry of a 7D because of the reliability issues. Bar the slow focusing the 7D is a nice camera and i was sorry to have to sell mine.

Good luck with your new camera.

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