Furious about a disastrous Panasonic Lumix G Survey! (UK)

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Re: Furious about a disastrous Panasonic Lumix G Survey! (UK)

FrankS009 wrote:

The marketing of m4/3rds cameras, both Olympus and Panasonic, is often an implicit theme in many threads here.

the sad thing is that we often hear announcements from them saying how they struggle to make a profit. well, how can you make a profit when you don't want to sell your products? where i live, we have so many Nikons for sale, you'd think they were sprouting from the ground or something.

"we just have to sell these Nikon DSLRs, otherwise we won't be able to get out of the house tomorrow morning".

meanwhile, Panasonic and Olympus are next to invisible, and what you can find in the stores is old point and shoots and a few super-zooms. really, we only got the FZ-150 in my city after the FZ-200 hit the market.

"man, i just stepped on a Nikon. again!"

another funny thing: the newest and proudest m4/3 achievement, according to our country's Panasonic website, is the G5. no mention of the GH3, or even 2. i really, REALLY hate it when other people presume what i want. "oh, they wouldn't want it anyway, we're not going to bother to even speak about it".

i took my GH2 (after it fell on the ground) to the local Panasonic service, and they looked at it like it just came from space. or the future. or the distant past. "repairing the EVF might be too costly, you could end up cheaper just buying a new camera". ORLY? i know i got it heavily discounted, but, seriously... after going over their heads and calling a more serious-sounding service rep in another city (which they said they would call to get a price quote, but they just couldn't place a call for an entire week), i got the fabulous price of about 75USD (equivalent). yeah, man, just replace the whole GH2 body, it's cheaper.

so, Panasonic and Olympus, how about ditching half of your highly paid marketing teams and hire some fresh graduates or something. oh, and better make sure that their resumes say "photography" is a hobby. i know they exist, one of my sisters is such a person. it might end up not only saving some money, but also generating more sales. clearly, things aren't moving in the right direction at this point.

edit: Panasonic and Olympus seem to have hired similar marketing teams to what Microsoft currently has. maybe they graduated from the same school, or something. protip: don't hire people with that background again! just look at what happened to Windows 8 and the Xbone. LOOK AT IT! YOU DO NOT WANT THAT!

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