Highest recommended ISO using the D800

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Re: Highest recommended ISO using the D800 = 1600

ormdig wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote:

Hello David,

Unless you need your images to look 'properly' bright SOOC, there is no point raising ISO beyond 1600, in fact by doing so you are giving up highlight headroom in exchange for virtually no improvement in IQ.

Jack, this is fascinating. So if I understand correctly (not a given in my case) I am better off shooting at 1600 vs 3200-4000 and upping EP in PP because it will keep the highlights? This would make for more contrast with better balance in the image without additional manipulation wouldn't it?

Hi Pete,

You are better off limiting ISO to 1600 if you don't mind determining pleasing brightness later in your well behaved raw converter. Information recorded and IQ would be identical to a capture taken with the same Exposure at higher ISOs, but you would have the benefit of more highlight headroom - which you may or may not need depending on scene/artistic objectives.

If your raw converter is well behaved (most are with brightness corrections of less than 3 stops) then contrast and balance will be exactly the same as if you had shot at the same exposure but with a higher ISO setting.


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