Choosing a 28mm (equiv) landscape lens for my Nex-7

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Re: Choosing a 28mm (equiv) landscape lens for my Nex-7

Mel Snyder wrote:

I haven't used it much since I got a Tokina 11-16mm, but plan to hold onto it in the event Nikon fixes the oil on sensor problem with the D600 and I sell one of my two D7000s to buy a D600.

I owned this lens and a Nikon 20mm, but sold the 20mm after a series of tests showed it was clearly inferior to the Tokina. While many don't like the Tokina clutch mechanism for switching from AF to manual, I rather like it.

I would second Mel's suggestion of the Tokina 11-16mm.  It looks like you're pretty serious with the long exposures - this lens is often reviewed by review sites as even better than Nikon/Canon options - and not to mention much cheaper.

However, you need to be careful with adapters and using a distance scale since adapters tend to let you go beyond infinity, thus throwing the whole scale off.  You can modify them by loosening the mount and putting in foil rings to get infinity spot-on.  Generally with infinity being around 5m+ on most ultra-wides, why don't you just shine a torch on the subject or a spot on infinity to get critical focus while on a tripod?

Here's a night shot I did a while ago on the little brother of the 11-16mm - the 12-24mm.  I could have corrected the perspective distortion a bit more - but I was a newbie to lightroom back then.

Night Rocks - Tokina 12-24mm

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