RX1 vs. Canon 5D iii

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Re: RX1 vs. Canon 5D iii

Interesting thought for me to consider because I do see a lot of people mentioning that the AF on the RX1 is slower than the 5D iii. I do realize that from the various reviews that I've read but something to consider is that I'm not necessarily always taking pictures of the kids running around like madmen. SO it's not always an action shot and actually most of the time it's a candid shot but they're sitting or hanging out with their baby sister or something like that. That's why I'm not terribly concerned with the AF and again, it does have face recognition and you can register faces to the system. Of course with 61 points, I wold expect the 5D iii to have a much better AF.

I have thought of getting the RX100 and especially since the RX100 ii is expected to be announced in the next few weeks, the RX100 price should drop nicely.

One of main main points is portability and whether it's keeping the S95, getting the RX100 or RX100 ii, or getting the RX1 allows me to bring the camera with me at all times. Again, the first rule of taking a picture is having a camera with you in the first place to take a picture. I've been racking my brain trying to think back to the times that I've taken pictures recently and thinking would I have actually taken a 5D iii with a 24-70 ii lens. For example, if I go out to dinner with my wife, I wouldn't bring it. If we're just making a run to the local yogurt place for a snack with the kids, would I bring it? Probably not.

I guess for me, to take something as large as a 5D iii, I would have to take knowing for a fact that I will be taking pictures. Unfortunate to say, there are few occasions that I would go to knowing that I would want to lug around a 4 pound camera to take some pictures.

Certainly there are many benefits of having an interchangable camera but if I'm not going to bring it with me, then what's the point? I took my crop sensor Canon with me a couple of times to Disneyland and although they helped take some nice pictures, it was a pain to carry it all day. On the subsequent trips, I took my S95 and although it didn't get the low pictures that I would have liked, it got the job done and was nicely portable.

I appreciate all of the feedback and I already knew the benefits and negatives of each model. I was more looking for some ideas to consider or feedback on maybe how you've used each camera. Some suggestions on getting the RX100 is a good idea. It would provide a step up in low light capabilities and the cost is low enough where it won't break the bank if it turns out to be a bad decision.

Maybe, what I'll do is buy the RX1 from the Sony store and "try" it within their return period. If it works, I'll keep it and if not, then I'll return it.

In the meantime, I'm going to try and take pictures on my current cameras around the 35mm equivalent to get an idea of what kind of pictures I would be taking and how I would need to position myself to take them. I think this will give me a better feel for using the RX1 and it's 35mm lens.

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