What are you using for macro photography?

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Just curious... what is everyone using for macro photography? I have the D7000, and I'll add a macro lens eventually.

Nikon is non-optimal for photomacrography. First, the live view is totally bizarre since it works with the lens stopped down. If you're not using an AI lens, nothing happens if you change the f/stop. This inhibits one's ability to achieve critical focus. Then, when you press the shutter, the mirror drops back down (?), the shutter closes, the mirror comes up again and then it takes the picture. Of course, by this time everything is shaking pretty good.

So I use a Canon 50D with a 50mm f/2.5 (a really wonderful lens, renders like my 105 f/2.5 Nikkor) and an MP-E65 which does 5X macro without accessories. In live view, the 50D takes a picture without shutter motion (electronic first shutter curtain). This alone is worth the price of admission.

Got this from http://www.krebsmicro.com/Canon_EFSC/  - the upper right photo in each set shows the difference the electronic first shutter curtain makes. Sony has it, and all Canon DSLR's for years now have had it. Nobody else as far as I know.

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