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I have always wanted to get into photography and hoping that one day on the side i could do some paid photography work. Even tho i have only had a dslr for 6-8mths it took me half a year for me to decide on the camera that I wanted to buy (fuji XE-1).

I have started looking at what other photographers do. I have noticed at some weddings that some don’t seem to have much of a clue. And that’s coming from me, I am nowhere near a pro. I am an amateur at best. and when you see a real pro you start to see more of the flaw of others. It seems to be to easy to say "I am a Pro" with no fact checking. I think I could hire a real pro for my wedding "if I get married" because i know what to look for but the average person can only go on what the photographer says.

I am always looking for ways to improve my skills either watching you tube clips, reading articles or talking to other people.

One major thing has become clear after starting my journey. There are 2 types of people. Those who want to learn and gain respect from peers. They understand that a great photo comes from much more than the camera and always try to learn. And it seems that they are more reluctant to call themselves pros because they care about their image.

And then there are those who want some likes on face book. they tend to think that photography is easy, all you need is the gear. They think that all they need to learn in the functions on the camera and they like to show off their gear.

I feel a licence is a good idea but would fail in real life. I think a better way is to have an organisation say "Dpreview Photographers (as an example)” that is then publicised a bit so that you can say. I am recognised by "Dpreview Photographers" as a talented photographer (does not have to say professional). Thinking is that the bride/groom should search for a couple of different photographers and if they don’t know what it means they can look it up and have a bit of an understanding on what you can do.

Sorry for the long comment but i had allot to say

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