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Re: DON"T BUY THE 24-70 !

ultimitsu wrote:

DFPanno wrote:

In my opinion the 24-70 is an overrated lens .. Way over-rated. Get the 24-105 kit and keep the difference or spend it on a RX100! (or get a 40mm STM)

24-70 is an expensive lens and it is arguable that it is a bit too expensive. But "overrated" implies it is not as good as it is perceived to be. Can you produce evidence to that effect?

I think you should re-read the preface to my statement:  "In my opinion".  That third word is critically important.  In the context of my opinion it is overated.  Other people will have different opinions and that is OK too.  See how that works?

I am not as interested in test scores as other people.   I have an excellent pair of (trained) eyes and I judge images on two of the finest monitors available.  (I don't print so I can't comment there).

I bought and then returned the 24-70 II. IQ was only slighter better than my 24-105 and then only at the corners. Slightly less distortion at 24mm. Slightly better contrast.

24-70II is a true F2.8 lens at T3.0, while 24-105 is somewhat like a F4.5 lens with T5.1, that is a massive difference. Most sample image, test image, and reviews also show a clear IQ difference between the two.

I am extremely familar with the optical characteristics of both lenses but thanks for the refresh.

But I do agree that for most people, 24-70II's money can be better spent on other lenses. get 24-70II only if you must have both high performance and zoom convenience at the same time.

Here we agree.  I think it is a poor choice for the OP given that he is clearly concerned about money.

I also think that for general shooting IS is a wonderful feature.  In fact if a 24-70 II IS is released I will take a hard look at it.

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