Curious about the mkiii

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Re: Curious about the mkiii

cpkuntz wrote:

You said you primarily want to shoot people. Are you shooting them in a studio or in the field? I'd say that for studio and landscapes, the D800 is your camera thanks to the dynamic range and resolution. For sports and photojournalism, the 5D Mark III is a little faster and has slightly better autofocus.

Not anymore. 2 months ago was firmware  upgrade that made AF on par with 5D3.
As far as faster, D800 is faster in response because it has 3x faster shutter lag.

Below is the picture I took few days ago. I had both cameras on me and try to capture this with 5D3 but I couldn't without predicting when to press the shutter. With D800 I took 3 single shots and all 3 nailed it. With 5D3 I took 10 shots and only one captured it barely. I am talking about the whip in the picture.

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