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ryan2007 wrote:

averacpa wrote:

As a recent convert to M4/3, I am very happy about the lighter and smaller load. However that brings me to a new issue. I am able to carry all of my equipment in a Lowe Pro Nova 4 AW bag. This consist of:

  1. Panasonic GX1 on a RRS plate with a 20 f1.7 lens mounted
  2. Pan 45-150 lens
  3. Pan 100-300
  4. Oly 9-18
  5. Oly 45
  6. Pan LX5 backup camera
  7. Filters: ND 3 & 10 stop, 2 Coklin Grad filters and 77mm adapter, 72mm polarizing filter, several step up rings, 2 52mm close up filters
  8. spare batteries, SD cards, cleaning cloth
  9. Remote shutter

Now that is a bit of stuff and the problem is given the small size, you run a high risk of dropping lens or filters as you pull things out of the bag. I feel like my wife rummaging through her bag just to find her keys. There is a lot of small stuff in there.

What I am planning to try is to use several (1-2) small pouches that mount onto my pant belt, particularly for use with the telephoto lens in addition to a smaller bag like the Domke F-5XB. The pouches I am looking at are the Lowe Pro Dash Point 20 and the Domke F-903. This will minimize the chance of an accidental drop in equipment and allow me for a quicker lens switch.

Any thoughts?

Do you absolutely need to take everything with you all the time? At some point and cost it can be worth redoing the kit.

You have to ask your self how much to you truly use the 9-18 and 100-300 at the 300 focal length or the 200 mm for that matter being on the extreme ends of the spectrum.

You have redundancy in the 45 & 20. The 9-18 is close enough to the 20 and you have the 45-150

You can sell everything and do the 14-45 & 45-200 OR get the 12-35 as the main lens. Over time if a lens gets rare use its like keeping $100 bills in the toaster for safe keeping when it can be used more effectively.

For camera bags Think tank mirror-less mover 20 or 30, Domke F-6 little bit smaller ballistic series (not canvas version) you should add the specific short 2 section compartment to that bag.

Don't become attached to gear, sell it when needed but know about the financial loss when buying an item you may sell later. Selling a camera body with a lens will sell faster than just a lens.

Thanks for the advice as I always keeps those things in mind.  However every lens for now has a purpose and you are correct that I would not carry every piece with me, especially the 100-300.  I reserve that for animal nature trips.  The 20 is for low light (walking the streets of Paris at night) where the 9-18 (my normal travel lens) may not be as useful since I would like a faster shutter speed.  The 45 is for portrait and isolating subjects.  In my older days with film the 24/50/90 combo suited me fine although.  The 45-150 is for when I need a bit longer reach and for close-ups (using Nikon 3T & 4T filters). I found it small, well made, fairly sharp, fast focusing and smooth zooming. I specifically did not want the 45-200 as it is longer and almost double the weight of the 45-150 and I knew I was getting the 100-300 (I would have preferred a 300mm or 400mm f4 prime).

For normal traveling I would carry everything (given how light weight and small they are) but the 100-300 as the location and lighting will dictate the tool.  However I have had trips lasting 4 weeks where I done quite a bit and needed that range plus tripod and large flash unit.  There is very little in redundancy for my type of shooting.

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