D2H, Why so Much for a 4MP Camera?

Started Jun 7, 2013 | Questions thread
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Great shots!

Gpruitt54 wrote:

Good stuff, man.  And these photos leverage the D2H's strengths: big subject filling the screen, comparatively low requirement for detail.   As you'd expect, it'll be similarly great with headshots, product macro, etc.   Quite a bit of versatility there.

I love my D200, but honestly, the D2h is a more versatile tool.

Eh . . . I'd say "whoh whoh whoh, hold yer shootin', Tex" on that statement.  The D2H can't control a setup of off-camera CLS strobes on-the-fly with a built-in flash.  It can't shoot a clean ISO 800.  Take another shot three steps back from those flowers (or shoot a portrait that isn't head-and-shoulders--say 3/4 or environmental / full body) and you'll start to see some serious lack of detail, even in web-size results.

It's great for what it is--but I think it's a good thing you've kept your D200, too.

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