Furious about a disastrous Panasonic Lumix G Survey! (UK)

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Re: Furious about a disastrous Panasonic Lumix G Survey! (UK)

Your frustration is due to the current facts of life: companies currently construct "surveys" to answer their questions rather than get the customer's viewpoint.

In other words, company is unsure if situation (A) or (B) is most valid for their products and therefore constructs and distributes a survey to acquire answer.  Mostly, that (1) answer.  Most questions in the survey direct to the targeting of that answer and ask, from various directions, towards focusing precisely to answering the original question.

This is in contrast to a true survey, where the customer replies to a variety of topics regarding the company's products/services in a broad yet valid manner.

I note that this trap can happen to an surveyor.  I once had to speak directly with one of the social scientists who constructed a survey I participated with in order for him to correct his survey: his 'survey' only asked questions regarding the perspective of recently joined group participants and did not ask questions from the viewpoint of individuals who identified with the group prior to said group's formation.  In other words and vastly simplified, they failed to ask questions why some people felt this way and instead simply asked people why are you here?

So constructing a valid yet openly inquisitive survey is somewhat of a challenge.  It seems not many survey writers are up to it, sadly, and a company's own short-sightedness only fuels that 'feature'.  Adobe's resent 'survey' was a kicker - they asked questions about CS / CC from the singular perspective of a Photoshop user and didn't even ask a single question from the perspective of an InDesign / combined PS/ID user.  Boy, did that tick me off!  But that's all they cared about - -my guess is, they think they have the page layout market cornered so why ask if you are happy? - and I'm sure they got their answers.

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